Meet One of Our Employees: From Summer Temp to Production Manager

Jul 25, 2023

Theresa Tetzlaff started as a summer temp at Nopa Nordic in 2016. Today, she is both a production manager and occupational health and safety manager, and what started as a job to earn money has turned into much more.

– I had not thought that I would be employed at Nopa Nordic. And I certainly didn’t have ambitions to end up as a production manager, says Theresa Tetzlaff.

At Nopa Nordic, we have many good colleagues.

Theresa is one of them. But she is not just a good colleague, she is also a good story: A story about going from summer temp to line operator to line coordinator to production manager – even though she had never really imagined that she would be employed or work at Nopa Nordic. And even though her employment as a line operator in 2017 actually happened because Theresa had turned up by mistake.

– I was connected with Nopa Nordic through a temp agency, and every Friday I received a confirmation that I was supposed to show up for the night shift on Sunday. One Friday, I did not receive any notice, but I thought it was probably just a mistake.

– When I showed up on Sunday night, I was pulled aside by the production manager who told me that I wasn’t really supposed to be at work. But that I was allowed to stay – on the condition that I accepted a permanent job, Theresa laughs.

More than just a Job

It’s been 7 years since Theresa first walked through the doors at Nopa Nordic. She started as a summer temp, and in principle, it could have been almost anything and anywhere.

– It was just a job. It was about earning some money, says Theresa.

“Just a job” quickly became more than that, especially due to the good relationships she quickly established. So, she had no doubts when she was offered a permanent position.

– It means a lot that you get along well with the people you work with,” she says.

Good Development Opportunities

Fast forward 7 years. Now her email signature reads production manager.

She has gone from being a line operator and literally having her hands in the production of, for example, eco-friendly and hypoallergenic soaps, to being the leader of 16 people and taking responsibility for meeting the goals for both time and quality in the production lines. And “just a job” has become much more than that.

– I have good colleagues across the organization and absolutely fantastic colleagues in the production management team, where there are good opportunities for sparring and support.

– And Nopa Nordic is a place where you are seen, heard, and respected. Here you have the opportunity to develop and educate yourself, and it means a lot that they are not only interested in the future of the company but also in my future, says Theresa, who last year started a leadership academy program alongside her work.

The education is a good supplement for handling the daily managerial tasks, and it has been supplemented by various internal courses and workshops. Since January, she has also taken on the task of occupational health and safety manager.

– A lot has happened at Nopa Nordic over the years. I have witnessed a positive development, and as an occupational health and safety manager, I want to make an extra effort to create an even better work environment.

Written By Nopa Nordic Allison

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