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We also support the good work of others.

As our customer, you are actually contributing to domestic and international actions and initiatives, companies, and organizations, thereby supporting their effort to create a better, healthier, and more sustainable world. Below, you can read more about the things we offer a helping hand:

The Christmas Seal Home in Hobro

The Christmas Seal Home in Hobro helps children in the battle against mobbing and seclusion. This concept teaches socially challenged children how to enjoy a better life in a setting where healthy food, friendships, togetherness, and exercise are the main focus. The Christmas Seal Home in Hobro is part of the Christmas Seal Foundation that is dependent on gifts and contributions from companies, foundations, and private individuals.

Read more about the Christmas Seal Home in Hobro here:


The Danish Food Bank

The Danish Food Bank is a non-profit organization based on voluntary labor. Its mission is to fight food waste and food poverty by means of daily distribution of surplus food to organizations engaged in helping the socially disadvantaged.

Since 2008, the Danish Food Bank has received fresh surplus food from food manufacturers and food wholesalers. The food is flawless yet not suited for reatil. Rather than let the food go to waste, The Danish Food Bank makes sure to deliver the food to various organizations that prepare meals for exposed groups of people. With our passion for sustainability and our zero waste approach, we supply the Danish Food Bank with near food products. Minor flaws make these items unsellable and instead of throwing them out – we donate them to the Danish Food Bank that conveys the commodities to underprivileged people in Denmark, for example through crisis centers.

You can read more about the Danish Food Bank here:


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