Imagine how humiliating it must feel to be forced out of your own home, in many cases without the time or opportunity to grab your most cherished personal belongings, including something as basic as your toothbrush and toilet bag. It is undignifying to be without access to proper measures for personal hygiene, yet this scenario is what Ukrainians have been faced with for months. Demolished buildings. No electricity. And no bathroom with a sink, running water, and a mirror where you can comb your hair, shave, brush your teeth and manage your personal hygiene.  

We feel that this is where we can pitch in and make a difference. For that reason, we have chosen to donate personal care products and products for baby care to Ukrainian refugees who have been settled into temporary homes by municipalities in Denmark. The donations are made in collaboration with a Danish organization named Overskudsprodukter for Social Godhed (Surplus Products for Social Responsibility). More than four million people have fled Ukraine at this point, and more than 25,000 have asked to come to Denmark. Our help to Ukrainian refugees supports UN’s sustainable development goals number 3 for health and number 17 for partnership. 

Many European companies and private individuals have made substantial donations to Ukraine, and the figure is growing by the day. All types of help are needed, and it is rewarding to witness the willingness of both small- and large-scale businesses as well private individuals when it comes to making donations. The important question to ask ourselves in a crisis like this one is: How would we like to be treated if we were in their shoes?